Next generation platforms
Fair, fast and cheap
Privacy by design

Use our new platform technology for your own platform.
Starting a professional, innovative and fair platform has never been easier


Ready-made and tailor-made components.


From landing page to full web site. If you don't already have one we'll build one.


Automated inscription, account generation, etc.


Full functional dashboard with all settings and management options required to make your platform work.


Account prolongation, updating, pro rato (cross) upgrading, payment handling, invoicing, international VAT handling.

Fully international

Multilingual by design, served from a datacenter in the country of the visitor.

Multi components

Automatic supplier sites, photo galleries, vector and/or geo maps, forms, booking modules, payment modules...

Your domain & style

The platform will run at your domain. Fully customised to your corporate identity.


Coding is our core business. We love to add custom-build components with extra functionality.

The benefits to you:

You can use the basic platform components already developed and tested.
Customisation is only required for the elements that make your platform different from others.
A quick start without the rigidity of prefab and without the price and delay of starting from scratch.


Unique principles and features:

Powered by the people

Every visitor brings his own device and therefore his own computing power. Our platform technology uses this power. For example, for a super fast selection process, the resizing of images, the geo-information.
The result is that data traffic and server load do not increase explosively when the number of visitors does. An additional advantage is the fast operation of the platform, even with slow connections.


In contrast to the previous generation of platforms, we use static pre-rendered pages and assets that are are reserved from a CDN.
This technique offers higher security, is more easily scalable and has a higher performance.
More information: What is Jamstack


Some operations still require the use of a server. This is often the bottleneck that determines how many visitors a platform can handle.
We use a serverless next-gen cloud infrastructure to provide unlimited and fully automated scaling in the event of a temporary or long-term increase in the number of visitors.
More information: What is Serverless

The benefits to you:

Now you can start your own platform without investing the usual hundreds of thousands of Dollars/Euros. An innovative platform that will hold its own with millions of visitors, without you being locked into an overpriced technical infrastructure from the start.


The era of paying unnoticed with data is over.

Privacy by design

By default, there is no track and trace of the visitors or providers.
By default, the platform does not use services offered by Google, Facebook and Microsoft. The platform does not use the services offered by Google, Facebook or Microsoft. The platform technology is available as Open Source, software as a service or dual-licensed (see terms and conditions). If usage data is required for the core functionality of the platform, only the minimum amount of data required is requested.

It's your platform, it's your data

You are the owner of all generated data. You dispose of all data.
You can download all data in easy-to-use JSON format.

Security fully managed

Personal data 100% encrypted saved on European servers.
SSL connections, personal data encrypted by cipher block chaining, server-side encryption by Amazon SSE-S3, keys not on server.
The platform technology is Open Source (subject to conditions).

Your rules

You determine the conditions that apply to your platform.

The benefits to you:

Now you can walk your talk without making concessions and without being condemned to a Big Tech-like business model.

Start here:

We are happy to find out how we can help you. To be able to answer questions about pricing, deliver time and possibilities, please provide a brief introduction to the platform you have in mind.: